typical weeknight

Last week Tim was out of town and we were enjoying a typical weeknight at home. We had finished dinner and I was letting the boys {and myself} relax for a little bit before it was time to clean up and get ready for bed. I was busily working on the computer {checking out blogs} when Parker snagged my camera and asked if he could take some pictures. He wandered off and began snapping photos. About ten minutes later he came back to show me his pictures. He was pretty impressed with himself and so was I. It's amazing how well he was able to capture what actually goes on around our house.

Me still in my workout clothes.
He took another picture of me, but it was extremely
obvious that it had been days since I washed my hair.
Sorry, I'm not sharing that with you!

Like I said, busily working on my computer!

He was able to snap a shot of himself,
I'm impressed those little hands could do that!

Payton talking on the phone to Daddy.
{I'm sure he was giving him updates on the Jazz Game.}
Cooper standing close by playing with something.

This is what our playroom usually looks like.

This is my absolute favorite thing.
First, Parker took the picture above.
The next picture he took is the one below.

I think we may have a natural photographer on our hands!

I love the tight shot of our toys in the closet.

Payton coming into the office to chat with me.

Cooper with a ball?
Now you can see that I'm not exaggerating
when I say that this kid is obsessed.

Payton was watching the Jazz game on tv.

This is another one of my favorite pictures.
I love the guys on the table with the scattered puzzle pieces.
I love this because I never take ordinary pictures of
what our house actually looks like.

I guess Parker likes our pillows.

Weird, another basketball lying around.
I wonder which boy left that there.

Cooper shooting the ball.
He's trying to shoot it up into the
light fixture in our entry way.
He'll "shoot the ball" at anything!

Thanks Parker for capturing the everyday ordinary moments in our home! This little photo shoot has inspired me to do a "Day in the Life of..." series at our home. I think it's a great way to share what our family is up to. I'd also love to remember specific things about my kids everyday life right now. Stay tuned!


Hawk Family said...

That is too cute! Isaac has a little camera and it only has room for 35 pictures (thank goodness) and when I download them they are all awesome!!

Andi said...

Tell Parker he took some great pictures! I love it when the kids take pictures with our camera. Ashton did a whole lego scene the other day. He is having Jdub make it into a movie. So cute!

Lis said...

Ahhh, a post I can live up to!! Thanks Parker! Do you really exercise EVERY morning??? You're killing me! Well, good for you. I have visions of triathalons dancing in my head...just not quite yet.