cooper's two

I know. I know. We all say it, but seriously...
How do they go from this?

to this?

to this?

It seems so fast.
It feels like yesterday.
But, I know that it's taken two whole years for my sweet little baby
to turn into a sweet little toddler.

This little guy is such a joy to have around, unless of course you have something that he wants and then he screams until you give it to him. Or, if you refuse to give him "juice." Besides that, he's an easy going little guy who absolutely adores his older brothers. He loves to be a big boy and follow them around. Here are a few more things I don't ever want to forget about Cooper:

*Cooper gets so jealous if Payton or Parker sit on my lap or if Tim touches me. He loves his Mom and is very protective of anyone {but him} touching me.

*Cooper LOVES balls {have I mentioned that before?}. I would say his favorite is "bas-ket-ball" sung in a little tune while being said. He loves to say "shoot the ball" also in song. He says it every single time he sees a basketball hoop. He spends HOURS a day shooting hoops. He will shoot into anything that is circular. You have to pay attention when you are around Cooper because he also loves to pass the ball. If you're not looking, you will get popped in the face. It's happened to me more than a few times and this kid has got a good arm {what I'm trying to say is that it hurts!}.

His second favorite ball of choice is a "hike" more commonly known as a football. He loves to "pass" and "catch." He also loves to tackle. He plays football with his brothers all the time. While basketball and football seem to be his favorite sports right now, he does love to kick the soccer ball, catch the baseball or throw any type of ball.

*Cooper loves playing with "guys." He is always carrying little "guys" around with him and asking "where are guys?" He will sit for a long time by himself playing with little lego guys, super heros or star wars characters. He just loves little "guys."

*He also loves Dora. Not Diego {we've tried to convert him, but he won't have it.}. He likes Diego, but he LOVES Dora. It's so cute. He sings, "Dora, Dora, Dora." While watching the show, he can be heard responding to the tv at the appropriate times, "the map" or "backpack" or "swiper no swiping." He also likes to watch "the Mouse" meaning "Mickey Mouse."

*Cooper calls all football helmets, "Utah hat." {I think he's been sufficiently brainwashed.}

*Cooper loves to give kisses to anyone when they leave or before he goes to bed. It's so sweet.

*He is talking so much right now. He is a little copy cat and repeats everything we say. The most common things he says right now are:

"I want juice"

"Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom" {repeated obnoxiously over and over and over}

"Mommy help."

"Mommy watch." {while grabbing my face if I'm not paying attention}

"PAY" {Payton or Parker}

"Chase" {any of my boys friends}

"Daddy" {While he does love his Daddy he so lovingly refers to any adult male as "Daddy." It's a little embarrassing when he says "Bye Daddy" to his nursery teacher at church}

"Watch a show"

"Thank you"

"Love you"

And, my favorite thing today, he's been singing "Happy To You" all day long. It's so cute. I love how he so conveniently omits the "Birthday" part.

Happy Birthday To You, Cooper!


Patty said...

We love Cooper's kisses! Cooper also says, "Grandma and Grandpa" and "Shoes" an.begstromd "Krista and Erika"! Happy Birthday to YOU!

Patty said...

Oops! Cooper doesn't say "Bergstrom"! Grandpa says, "He is a GOOBOY!"

Jensens said...

Wow! He looks so grown up!

Phipps Family said...

Happy Birthday! He is so dang cute, and looks all grown up. Our babies aren't babies anymore!

Andi said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! He is so adorable and such a funny kid! We are excited to come and celebrate with you tomorrow!