spring break in fort collins

Fort Collins was our Spring Break destination of choice because my sister, Erika, and her family live there. They just recently moved to Fort Collins from Vail. Her husband, Brian, is getting his MBA at CSU. The first day we spent there the boys went to CSU's football stadium and watched the team practice. Payton was in heaven. Brian then took them to the bookstore and bought Payton a CSU football. Don't worry...we still bleed red, but Payton is just obsessed with anything having to do with football right now.

We were lucky to have all of my family {except Clint, Becca & Sophia} come join us on the trip. Our little family stayed at Brian & Erika's home while my parents, Krista & Willis had a hotel suite. It worked out really well. We spent the day on Saturday shopping. My Mom treated all the girls to new clothes and jewelry while the boys hung out at Barnes & Noble and McDonald's with the kids {thanks guys}! We ate at a couple really yummy restaurants while we were there; Beau Jo's Pizza and Inca Mexican Restaurant. We mostly just had fun hanging out with everyone.

We also celebrated Easter while we were there. The boys woke up on Easter morning and found these Easter baskets.

Then we went over to my parents hotel to swim and the front desk asked if my boys wanted to do an Easter Egg Hunt. Of course! This sweet girl hid about 50 eggs just for my boys. They had to search around the front lobby to find them all. It was really cute. They also gave them balloons and presents.

Later in the afternoon we colored Easter eggs and had a yummy delicious feast!

One of the highlights of our trip was spending time with this little angel!

Harper is four months old now and she is so stinking cute. She has a piercing scream that is hilarious. The girl knows what she wants. She also LOVES to smile and goo. We had so much fun playing with her!

Brian was so great at entertaining Payton & Parker. They were always attached to him {especially Payton}. He was great to throw the football with them and let them play games on his phone.

I didn't take any pictures of my sister & I so I will share one from last summer. It was so much fun spending time with Erika and I wish so bad that they lived closer, but I'm so happy for her and her cute little family. Fort Collins is a cute little town and a great place for them to call home...for now!!


Brittanie said...

Another Britt! I love it! Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm definitely getting inspired by your blog! That time budget idea is exactly what I've been needing. I look forward to more great ideas from you!

Michelle said...

Looks like a great trip. I too hate having my sister so far away - but planning trips to see her are always so much fun. Erika's daughter is darling!!!
P.S. that picture of you from last summer is such a great picture of you!

Andi said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun for Easter. Ashton really missed the boys! But we will see you tomorrow!

Reeses Pieces said...

I've always thought you and Erika look so much alike and by that last picture I totally prove myself right. My parents almost moved to Fort Collins. They loved it. Looks like a fun little Easter getaway!

Reeses Pieces said...
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