meal planning with kids

My friend Michelle gave me the best idea and I just had to pass it along! She recently told me that she's been having her kids help with meal planning. She lets them each pick out a meal every week. I loved it and decided to find a way to implement this in our family.

I printed pictures of my kids favorite meals {I found pictures online using google pics.} They get to choose one of each...
Main dish



They absolutely love it!
They get so excited to pick out their meals.
They love helping make their meals.
The best part is that they love eating their meals!

I was nervous to give up control because I absolutely love picking out yummy meals to make during the week, but it seems to work out perfect. My boys get two nights a week and I get to choose the other three nights {we usually eat out one night and do family dinners on Sunday). It's a great balance and a good way to get the kids involved. Thanks Michelle!


Michelle said...

Okay - now I totally have to blog about how I do this! But, how you are doing it is really similar. I don't worry about them picking out a side dish, just the main dish. But, they do get to pick out a dessert!
And...to anyone who reads this - let me just say it is fantastic not always being the one who has to figure out what to make. Thanks for blogging about me - two posts in a row! Is this some kind of record?
Love ya.

Amanda said...

You left a comment on my blog about my remodeled laundry room, almost a month ago, and I haven't seen it until today.

I'm so glad you commented so I could have a chance to find your blog. I need to take a lesson from you on time management. Some days I'm great at it and get tons and tons accomplished, other days I spend too much time on the computer and I don't get out of my pajamas until the afternoon!

Your blog is great. I love your ideas!

Listings Editor, MMB said...

What a great idea! I hate thinking up dinner, so this is perfect. I can just pass it off!

PS You have been added to MMB!

Brianne & Jarod said...

I need some inspiration for good meals...do you have a few suggestions? I am tired of the food I have been "cooking"

Gwen said...

What a brilliant idea!