time management tip #4

Raise your hand if you recognize these pretty pages? Oh boy, do I. These are the "blooms" Franklin Planner Refill Pages. They bring back so much nostalgia from my days with a trusty planner. I absolutely loved my Franklin Day Planner. I got my first one when I was 10-years-old and used it faithfully until I was 28 years-old. Obviously, Franklin was doing something right if I could use the same planner for 18-years of my life. I always received my new inserts for Christmas and loved spending Christmas Day adding in all my information to my new planner. I loved the fresh clean pages. I loved using a nice fine point pen to write so neatly on those pages. Yes, I am already well aware that I'm a complete nerd! However, about 4 years ago my love for this planner started to change. I now had two kids I was hauling around with their toys, diapers, jackets, etc. I didn't have room to carry a bulky planner around anymore. I also didn't have time to spend all Christmas Day neatly filling in my pages. It was heartbreaking, but I had to say goodbye to my first planner. I was brokenhearted, but quickly rebounded with ical. The new planner love of my life. It's a Mac thing so if you don't have one you are totally missing out, but I'm sure you can find something similar with your PC {Entourage I believe}.

With that said, time management tip #4 is...Use A Time Planning Tool {aka a Planner}

*Choose a daily or weekly planning calendar that works best for you.
*Take time to learn how to use your new planning tool.
*Record ALL of your activities in your planner.
*Refer to your planner often to help you stay on task.

Here's all the tips...only one more to go! Is anyone still following this?

Tip #1: Define Your Goals
Tip #2: Examine Your Time Usage
Tip #3: Plan Your Time
Tip #4: Use a Time Planning Tool


Jay and Bec said...

WOW girl! I really don't know how you fit it all in! I am so behind on all of your amazing blogs. You really do inspire me to try to organize my life better. I think you probably fit more fun in your life just by keeping everything so together! I really am going to try to follow your tips one of these days!

Wright Family Fun!! said...

I look forward to all your tips!! Chris makes fun of me because I check to see if there are new tips all the time!!I just love how inspired I get from reading your blog! Thank you for all your great tips!!

Anonymous said...

You've lost me ;)

Brianne & Jarod said...

You AMAZE me!

Patty said...

Love your tool! Is there one on the PC?