time management tip #1

Well, Well, Well...
I can't believe how much
feedback {positive and negative}
I got from my time budget post.

I'm not complaining.
As you know from my, no comment post,
I'll take any feedback I can get.

I knew that by posting my time budget
I was just asking for harassment from a select few of you.
And, acceptance from others.
Once again, I appreciate both!

Let me just make a few clarifications:

Myth #1:
As I previously said, my time budget is just a wish list for an ideal week.
A guideline.
A resource.
It is not what I do everyday.

Myth #2:
I do not wake up at 5:00 am every morning
and exercise for 2 hours after only sleeping for 6 hours.
I usually go to the gym at 5:45 am three days a week.
The other three days I usually sleep in and
go running in the evenings or later morning.
I do my time budget in one hour increments
because 30 minutes is too rigid,
which means that I will be doing that particular
activity during that hour {usually not the entire time}.

I was sharing my time budget with all of you because some of you had asked what specific things I was doing with my new CEO job. I realized that I probably need to back up and start with some basic time management tips {but only for those who are interested}. I will offer you some tips to get started before you get all fancy and start making a color-coded time budget {because I know SOO many of you are dying to make one!}

Tip #1
What is important to you?
What are your goals and priorities in life?
Decide what brings you joy and satisfaction?
What are your values?

Start there.
Think about it for a few days.
Write down your thoughts and I'll
share tip #2 after you chew on tip #1 for a bit.
Good luck!


Andi said...

People are looking too closely at your time management chart! I looked at it and it motivated me to do more things around the house and to take care of myself more and to spend more quality time with my kids! So thanks for posting what you do to help keep me motivated!

Gie Bergmill said...

I think you're fabulous. Way to get these ideas out there. :-)

Jenn said...

I loved your chart. I am wishing I knew how to better manage afterwork time for my husband so I could attend to more of my needs.(if for only 1.5 hours). Nonetheless I think you do an excellent job at it all.