year round school

Have I mentioned before how much I love year round school?
If not, let me express my love now.
I looooooooove it!

It's so nice to get a three week break a few times during the year.
I think that I would prefer this to three long months of summer.
It's the perfect amount of time to have my child home with me.
Just about the time the kids all start fighting
and we've had too much fun,
It's time to go back to school.
I can't imagine school any other way.

I love being able to play and relax with all three of my boys.
We try to pack as much fun and relaxation as we can into our time off.

Our first official day off track we always spend sleeping in, hanging out in pajamas, playing games and doing nothing but relaxing. It's wonderful! We also take the time to plan out the rest of our time off track. I have the boys make lists of things they want to do. Here are their lists:

{Payton's To-Do List}

{Parker's To-Do List}
I'm happy to report that we were able to successfully check off {notice Payton's list} everything the boys wanted to do. Here are some of the notable things we did while Payton was off track:

{Trips to the Park}
{Bike rides}
{See "How To Train A Dragon"}
{Go to the Library}
{Have a read-a-thon}
{Arctic Circle Ice Cream Sundaes}
{Hogle Zoo}
{Lots of Video Games}

{Visit Grandma and her new puppy}

{Slide Down Stairs in Sleeping Bags}

{Sleep Together}

{Play with Friends}

{Go to Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum}



Andi said...

Fun time with your boys while Payton was off track. I don't know what year round school is like, but with Jdub being a middle school teacher I am glad that Ashton gets the summer off with his dad. But having breaks every so often would be nice!!

Amanda said...

I couldn't agree with you more! This was our first year on year round and I loved it. We had B track and my kids were off all of December so we got to do all the winter things we can't do when we are at school all day. Of course it helps that I am a stay at home mom- I'm sure the working mom's don't love it as much as us.

Brenna said...

First of all, Payton's writing is sooooo good! Parker's is too, but I already knew that:) Seeing this post made me miss school so much! I hope when Caleb is school aged he gets to go to year round school. I think it is so much better than traditional. Tell Payton (and Chase!) "'hi" from me. Can't believe they are going to be in 3rd grade next year!

Melissa said...

Im adopting your commenting rule. I think everyone should. my favorite picture is the wrestling one. I like how Tim had a huge smile in the background looking at his boys.

Phipps Family said...

Brittany you are the perfect mom to three boys! I don't know if I could do THREE boys as well as you do. You ready to run??...I will be in Utah in 9 days!

natalie said...

Hey Brittany! I can't remember if I actually DID reply to your sweet comment or if I just thought to, or if I dreamed I did? Anyway, twice is better than none, so I'll take the chance.

So fun to hear from you after so long, my how your handsome boys have grown! Especially your little baby! Amazing.

So good to see you all are still just trucking along, doing so well, and being so happy. That's great!

Thanks again, that was really sweet.


PS -tell everyone hello and that we think of them often.