little acts

"It is the aggregate of the acts which I perform through life that makes up the conduct that will be exhibited in the day of judgment, and when the books are opened, there will be the life which I have lived for me to look upon, and there also will be the acts of your lives for you to look upon. Do you not know that the building up of the kingdom of God...is to be done by little acts? You breathe one breath at a time; each moment is set apart to its act, and each act to its moment. It is the moments and the little acts that make the sum of the life of man. Let every second, minute, hour, and day we live be spent in doing that which we know to be right."

-President Brigham Young
(Journal of Discourses, 3:342-43)


Andi said...

I really like that quote! It reminds of last night when the elderly woman offered to help me at subway. She is definetly trying one act at a time to build up the Kingdom. It meant a lot to me for her to offer her help. She is a great example to me of what I need to be working on!

Heather said...

good reminder. Thanks for sharing that.

Jenn said...

It has been a rough week for me I borrowed this great quote, from here. If you don't mind and posted it with my small frustrated sentence on my own. It really is what keeps me going small steps forward.