my birthday {and clint's}

Every year we get our own special day...our day of birth!  Well, ever year, I get to share "my" special day with this guy {yes, the one with his eyes closed!}  Actually, I think it's pretty cool.  Everyone always asks if it bothered me when we were younger and I don't think it did {although I do have a very selective memory.  I only remember good things.}  In any case, now that I'm older, I definitely enjoy it.  I think it's cool.  How many people share a birthday with their sibling?  I feel pretty special.  Plus, it's nice to divert the attention to someone else and have it be "our" day instead of just "mine."  This year, it even meant that the party got to be at his house.

I was especially grateful the party was at his house after the "cake dropping incident of 2010."  Becca {Clint's Wife} was just reminiscing about how funny it was when Clint dropped the cake last year {better known as the "cake dropping incident of 2009"}.  Just seconds after her harassment this happened.  As you can see, it didn't affect my special day.  I was busy blowing out my candles and enjoying the "Happy Birthday" serenade in the background!

Being the selfless sister that I am, I offered to clean my brother's floor on his birthday.   Plus, Becca was too embarrassed {or shocked} to come out of the kitchen.
Here's my Mom doing what she does best...just being happy to be here!
The almost newlyweds!
Sweet Sophia eating rice cereal and wishing it was birthday cake.
Happy Birthday, Clint {and me too}!


Andi said...

Happy Birthday!!! That is fun to celebrate your day with your brother!

Utley Family said...

I share my birthday with my big brother too! AND my youngest brother was born on my oldest brother's birthday. I hope you had a great birthday!

Anonymous said...

Also... I remember your favorite person wishing you a happy birthday FIRST! -before anyone else! :)

And, because that favorite person of yours, loves you... she sat through Iron Man 2, and pretended to like it, (kind of)!

Happy Birthday!