parker's preschool days are over

{Parker, Kyle and Ryker at Sweet's Candy Factory Fieldtrip}
Parker's preschool days have been absolutely fabulous.  I truly can't believe that they are now over.  I am overwhelmed that these three boys are already moving onto Kindergarten, but I know they are so ready.  Selfishly, I'm going to miss the amazing preschool experience we've had.  Parker and two of his best buddies, Kyle & Ryker have had the same routine all year long.  Preschool on Monday, Wednesday & Friday's then play dates afterward.

I'm going to miss seeing this at my house every week.

Luckily, Parker, Ryker & Kyle all got in the same Kindergarten class.  They are so happy!  I know that we'll have many more play dates like this with all their other friends {like Jack pictured here}, but I'm just sad that the preschool experience is already over.

On Parker's last day of preschool they did a cute graduation program.

These grads sang songs, had speaking parts and looked adorable!

I don't want Parker to ever forget his first "girlfriend."  Ellie, the cute girl {not the cute one standing next to him, but the other cute girl next to her} was Parker's little crush.  According to Ryker & Kyle, he kissed her on the cheek a couple of times.  Oh boy! 

Parker had the best preschool class.  The kids were all so great and they had a lot of fun together.

Especially these three stooges!  I feel so grateful Parker has such great friends.
I'm also grateful that Parker had the best teachers.  Mrs. Teresa {pictured here} and Mrs. Camille {I forgot to get a picture of her.}  He adored his teachers and learned so much in preschool.

Kindergarten...here we come!


Andi said...

I can't believe that Parker is already going to kindergarten. They really do grow up too fast! He must be taking after Ashton...he also kissed a girl on the cheek right before he started kindergarten!

Jenn said...

I'm sad for no more pre-school days:( But I still have one more to go in about 1yr. But they are so cute as they get older and learn new things on their own. Your kids are the cutest anyways.

Phipps Family said...

So cute!