cub scout

Payton has been attending Pack Meetings with me {I'm the Committee Chair} for the past two years and has anxiously been waiting for the time when he could be an official cub scout.  I think his favorite birthday present {aside from all that sports stuff} was his cub scout shirt and book.  He begged me to sew his patches on every day for a week until I finally did it.   He has loved going to den meetings with his friends and he got his first awards at Pack Meeting this month.  Our Cub Master {Court} was gone so I got to give Payton his first award.

{The Bobcat}
{Pinning the parent pin on Mom}

{Picking a silly cheer out of the "cheer" box}

{Loving every second of cub scouts!}

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Patty said...

Congrats to Payton! He's a BOBCAT! How lucky he is to have his mom give him his first award!