this kid...

Is really needing some serious attention right now!  I feel like I've been blogging so much about {and doing so much for} Payton and Parker that this little one has been neglected.  Don't get me wrong...he definitely makes sure he's not neglected and makes sure that he is the center of attention at all times.

Hmmm, is the marker on his face {and arms, and belly, and legs} the giveaway?  No!  
Or is it how he plopped himself down in the middle of the floor at cub scouts?  No!

Or was it the fact that he demanded to be in this swing when we got it out for baby Harper?  No!

It's just the way that he looks at me with those baby blue eyes and says, "Mommy, hold me!" or "Mommy, read to me!"  or "Mommy, milk please!"  or "Mommy, love you!"  This kid needs my attention and he can have it any day!

We love this boy so dang much!  He is talking up a storm right now.  He says anything and everything.  He absolutely loves following his brother's around and doing everything with them.  He insists on getting into his car seat himself, putting on his shoes himself, getting out of the shower himself, drying off himself, doing his own hair and basically anything at all...by himself.  He is still obsessed with balls.  He is constantly throwing things.  His new game is to try to throw toys on top of the {super high} ledges in our bedrooms.  I can't wait to dust up there and see what I find.  He is a busy, wild and crazy boy that keeps us on our toes all the time!


Patty said...

We LOVE our COOPER! He deserves lots of attention!

KRiB said...

I didn't think it was possible to have 3 gooboys in a row but you did it. Coops is hillarious. The other night at Shreky 3D he was so good and he even refused to wear the glasses so he wathed it all blurry but still was glued. On the way home in the car he was telling gramma something while she was bogarting the bag of pretzils and telling me something and finally after a dozen times we realized he was saying, "Gramma, pretzel!" Then every few seconds when he was finished he would say again, "Gramma, pretzel!" And he did it with his big blue eyes that you cannot turn down any request.