krista's wedding

{the dinner}

Willis's family did an incredible job with the wedding dinner.  I loved that the setting was casual and totally fit the two love birds and their style.  The food was delicious and the company was great.  Willis and Krista are so lucky to have great families and friends who love them so much!

{Krista & Willis}


{Tim & Parker trying to be serious?!}

{Uncle Les, Erika & Grandma Chesnut...and Tim}

{Clint, Becca & Sweet Sophia}

{Cooper & Me}

{Brian & Erika}

{Poor Sick Baby Harper}

{Craig & Camille}

{Krista, Sophia, Harper & Erika}

{Dad, Kenny, Karen, Grandpa, Ann, Craig & Krista}

{the ceremony}

This sealing was one of the most amazing temple sealings that I've ever been too.  First, because my incredible Grandpa performed the ceremony and said the most beautiful things.  Second, because it was my sweet sister getting married.  Third, because the spirit was so strong.  It was incredible!  Isn't my sister gorgeous?  Willis is pretty cute, too!  I just love them both so much and could not be happier for them.

{the reception}

The reception was just as fabulous as the rest of the wedding events.  I was so happy with the way all the colors, outfits, decorations and flowers turned out.  I was a little nervous since I helped pick everything out, but I think it was all beautiful.  Most importantly, I was so impressed with how many people came out to support Krista and Willis.  They are loved!  All the little nephews {my boys} and nieces looked so dang cute I could hardly stand it.  The ice cream buffet was a huge hit.  Those waffle bowls were so yummy!  We had a great time and I can hardly believe that this is my last sibling getting married.  I'm glad it all went so well!

All the professional pictures {it's obvious which ones are his and which are mine} were taken by their friend, David.  You can see all their wedding pictures here


Andi said...

Looks like everything turned out great! Sorry that we couldn't make it to the reception.

Melissa said...

it looks like every thing was beautiful and everyone was happy!

Patty said...

WOW, Brit what a great wedding planner you were AND what great memories you posted! It was a beautiful day; a wonderful marriage for a darling couple!

KRiB said...

I love all the pictures of the gooboys and bigirls!