cub scout day camp

Payton got to attend Cub Scout camp for the first time this year and I got to attend one day with him!  That's just one of the perks to my awesome calling {Cub Scout Committee Chair}.  I'll have to get back to you on the other perks.  Anyway, he went to Jurassic Journey the first day and Super Hero Academy the second day.  Basically, it's every thing you would expect cub scout camp to be and more!  The kids loved it and the leaders endured it...mission accomplished!

Seriously though...I really do like my calling and love working with these boys and the AMAZING cub scout leaders that we have.  Camp was so much fun...and funny...really it was quite hilarious!


Hawk Family said...

Drew was excited about this post!! He finally told me about scout camp!

Reeses Pieces said...

This is when I miss Utah. Carson is the only Weebelo and I'm pretty much his scout leader....we're both pretty much over it!