tim's birthday

Tim was out of town the week before his birthday so we were able to plan a few special surprises for him.  The boys could hardly wait to give Tim this candy poster.  They loved going to the store and picking out the candy and then deciding what it should say.  We had to vote on what the poster should say.  Payton took suggestions and we voted on whose suggestions everyone liked best.  Basically, Payton forced Parker & Cooper to vote for his.  It was pretty cute!  Although it's hard for me (being the control freak that I am), I love giving my boys control and watching to see what they do.

The other fun surprise for Tim's Birthday ended up being a super fun surprise for me too (not so much for Cooper)!

Tim's Mom always cut his hair growing up.  He has begged me to cut his hair since we got married and then started having boys.  He hates the hassle of making a hair appointment and driving two streets away to get his haircut.  He wanted something more "convenient"...plus he's cheap!

I've never had a desire to cut hair...ever...not even a desire for one second.  It's second on the list, right below "Nurse," of things I never want to do.  But, since I've been conquering "things I never want to do" lately, I figured, why not try?

Tim was out of town, my boys hair was beyond shaggy and I drove past a Sally Beauty Supply store....it dawned on me...perfect birthday present!  So, I walked in and spent just under a hundred dollars on clippers, scissors and a cape.  (What can I say?  I'm an all or nothing girl.)  I called my friend on the way home and said, "I'm cutting my boys hair tonight.  Is there anything I should know?"  She said, "I'll be right over!"

Danielle (pictured above) came over and showed me how to cut my boys hair.  I was instantly hooked and started demanding the scissors.  It felt like this is what I was born to do.  Breed boys and cut their hair!  Okay, it wasn't that smooth and their hair didn't look that great, but it looked good.  And, more importantly, I loved it!

Nurse.  check.
Barber.  check.
What's next?  Auto mechanic.

I know!  I know!  This post was supposed to be about Tim's birthday.  Funny, how I can always manage to make everything about me.  Back to Tim...I'm pretty sure he had a great birthday and loved all his surprises!

{Although I'm pretty sure that the boys & I loved them even more!}


Reeses Pieces said...

That's so funny, Dave has been begging me to cut his hair too, but I'm just too afraid. I just know I'd mess it up and then the boss man at FedEx would be like "uh Dave what's going on with your hair". You're much more daring than I am.

brandy said...

I have to say that is the most brilliant birthday present for a husband. Too bad my husband will NEVER get it.
When we first got married, my husband wanted me to cut his hair so I gave it a try. I mean how hard could it actually be? Oh yeah, I totally messed up his hair BAD. He had to wear baseball hats for a few weeks until his hair grew out :) So I vowed after that I would never try again.
Good job for being so brave!

Amanda said...

Way to go on the hair cuts! I have been cutting my husbands for a few years- I am still really bad at it and now he wants it so short that he usually does most of it himself and then I do the sides and back. It's a great skill to have and has saved us tons of money- now if only I could learn to cut my hair or teach him ;). I also think it is so cool that you have known Tim since you were younger- I love to hear stories like that work out. You guys definitely have one of the cutest families!!