Parker Jones
First Day of Kindergarten
Parker was more than ready to start Kindergarten in every single way.  He had watched his older brother get on the bus and go to school for the past 3 years and had patiently been waiting for his turn.   He thrived in preschool and was always begging to go to school more often or to do more homework.  It also didn't help that Payton started school 1 week and 1 day before Parker could start.  Every day was torture for Parker just waiting for his turn!  Finally, the day had arrived...

Waiting with one of his best buddies, Kyle, to finally start school!

Uh-oh.  Somebody having a change of heart!  Parker starting to have second thoughts about this school thing.  This is what he had always wanted to do, but when it came down to it, he was scared.  Scared to go to this big school without his Mom by his side.  Scared to get on the big huge bus.  Scared to start a new adventure.

These pictures break my heart.  I can just feel his fears and heartache.  Poor guy.  Luckily, I knew what was ahead.  I knew what Parker didn't know.  I knew that he would love it.  I knew that school wasn't scary so I wasn't scared for him at all.  I knew he'd do great!

He did do great and he absolutely LOVED school!  However, after school he refused to get on the bus and go home.  Luckily, we had already anticipated this scenario and my friend Jaimy brought him home with her.  Parker LOVED school, but was still afraid of the bus.  He said he was worried, but didn't know why he was scared.  I wasn't sure what to do because I had one child (Payton) who insisted on taking the bus and the other (Parker) not wanting to get near it.  All I could do was pray that Parker would have a change of heart.

Prayers are answered!  Parker woke up the second day of school shouting, "Mom, I've got to get ready for school.  I'm taking the bus.  I LOVE the bus!"  We all responded...'What?!"  Apparently Parker had a dream about the bus.  He was riding on the bus and it was not scary.  He told us exactly where he sat, who he sat by and where they drove.  He had so much fun that he literally could not wait to jump on the bus. 

After an answer to all of our prayers, Parker hopped on the bus the second day of school!

The rest is history!


The Jones' said...

That is too cute! Now, I knew that Parker was having growing "issues" lol.. BUT it is never put into prospective for me until I see him next to others his same age! lol.. What a cute "little" boy!!

Hawk Family said...

The first day of kindergarten is so hard on the Mom to, you have to be the strong one so they will to!! I love these picutres, he is so cute.

Andi said...

Cute little Parker!!! I am glad that he had a change of heart about the bus. Ashton really wants to take the bus, but we would have to move a little farther away for that to happen! What's worse, they are going to build a new school a couple streets over from us. If it is finished before 3rd grade Ashton won't get to take the bus to Fort Bridger Elementary. He will be so sad!! Good luck with Kindergarten Parky!!

Anonymous said...

I love the hand out of the bus. Can you ask Parker if he has had a dream about whether the Jazz will win the championship this year or not? I need to know!