third grade

Payton Jones
First Day of Third Grade

As is always the case, we finished our last summer vacation late Sunday night and then prepared to start school the next day.  Ready or not...here we come.  No new backpack.  No new clothes.  Back to school at our house is super easy going since it's in the middle of the summer.  I did buy Payton a new lunchbox because he was NOT going to use the {embarrassing} Transformer's lunchbox anymore.  He didn't actually say that because he has too much tact, but the hum, hahhing he did when I pulled it out and asked if this would work again this year said plenty.  

Payton has the most amazing teacher this year, which I didn't think was possible because he had the most amazing teacher last year.  I feel so blessed!  I just can't believe that we are already here...third grade...really?  really!

Here's to {hoping/praying for} another amazing school year for Payton!

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Andi said...

I love that school is back in!!! I wish that I didn't have to do any school shopping, but for some reason Ashton likes to wear pants every day...oh, maybe that is because it is colder up here. Good luck with 3rd grade Payton!!