football season

Football season is here again and our family is loving it.  For Payton's birthday we gave him his very own Utah Football season ticket.  He absolutely loves going to the games!

{Me & Payton}

{Sophia, Clint & Becca}

{Cutest thing ever}

{She kept taking it out of her mouth and touching it}

{Kara & (her crazy husband) Matt.  This is the sign guy who keeps everyone around him entertained.  Also, these guys get us our season tickets so we have to follow their rules.  It's not easy, but I think I did a pretty good job last game.}

 {In addition to all the Utah football games, Tim is still doing stats for Cottonwood's Football team so.  we like going to the games with my Mom.}

{Bryan Johnson (former Utah QB and Current Utah QB Coach) sat a few rows in front of us at one of the games so Payton got his autograph...}

{and he gave him "bones."  He also got Matt Martinez's autograph (current Utah Defensive Lineman).  My Mom got a hug.  He is one of her former students.}

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Kara and Matt said...

Brittany.... your blog is cute. I had to laugh about you "following our rules" lol. You did good. And yes, Matt is crazy!!