who wouldn't enjoy this life?

I just downloaded a few weeks worth of pictures onto my computer and the following pictures are just a sampling of what most of the pictures looked like.  My heart swelled up with so much gratitude for my life.  This is what I get to do every single day.  I get to hang out with these kids.  I get to love them, mother them and care for them.  I'm not thinking about the huge messes I had to clean up later or the chaos that ensued.  I am only thinking about how much I cherished and loved these moments.  Obviously I'm enjoying this because I reached for the camera in order to capture a small glimpse of our daily lives.

Seriously, who wouldn't enjoy eating lunch like this?

Or cruise around in style like this?

Or hang out in your pajamas & costumes like this?

Or enjoy a snack outdoors like this?

Or like this?

Or watch a show on the couch like this?

Or play with this many friends at one time like this?

Who wouldn't enjoy this life? 
Please don't answer that question {because some days I have too many answers to that question}, but these pictures make all the messes, fights, tears and long hours in the day seem completely worth it!


Melissa said...

We really do have the best lives. I don't mean that in a bragging way. I just mean I also love my life and am grateful for it everyday.

Diana said...

Seriously, it doesn't get any better. My favorite part is that we have no official schedule and we can just sit back and enjoy these cute kids and fun moments!
Oh, it was fun to read your "fire" story. What a wild Sunday night! Herriman was seriously blessed.

Phipps Family said...

What is the deal with the little dolls one your porch? How weird and creepy is that?

Daily Jot & Tittle said...

I loved this post...you said it perfectly!!!