celebrating halloween

I love this holiday because we get to celebrate all month long.  We took advantage of every opportunity to be in costume.  We had parties with friends, neighbors at school and at home.  Here are some of the highlights!

{School Parade and Parties}

We got to the school at 8:45 am and didn't leave until 1:00 pm.  This is the first year I've had two children in school and it's a little crazy trying to juggle all of it.  I can't imagine how parents with three, four or five kids handle it all!  Luckily, Tim took the day off to be a part of the fun and to help out.  The kids can't wear masks at school so Tim painted his face. 

After waiting for thirty minutes it's so fun to see your child for THREE SECONDS as they cruise past.  We had to threaten Payton to hold still while we took his picture.  Thanks, Pay!  Standing with one of his BFF's Alex Geertsen.

After the parade, we had a quick break.  We ran to the gas station to grab some fuel {diet coke}, stopped by the grocery store to buy toilet paper {mummy wrap game} and then back to school to start the parties. 

Isn't this the nicest witch you've ever seen?  We LOVE Payton's teacher this year {just so happens she's our neighbor, too!}

Parker is in afternoon kindergarten so they do their own special parade.  They walk through first grade and then the hall where the parents line up.  Parker asked us why we weren't there?  This picture is proof that we were there.  It also shows why he didn't see us...did he see anything?

After the parade, we had Parker's class party...more mummy wrapping!

Parker has the cutest class, an awesome teacher and his BEST friends in class with him. 

Cooper also got to have a party with his friends from play school.  He's the dinosaur on the end!

On Saturday we celebrated Halloween with the annual festivities at our house.  My neighbor, Dana, brought this darling cake {she's selling them now too...more on that later!}

The kids were anxious to get busy trick-or-treating in the rain!

Cooper loved it.  It was so cute to hear him say, "trick-or-treat." 

Krista and Sophia enjoying the spooky music on the porch.

Becca, a cute cow and WOLVERINE?!

Jaimy & Allie trick-or-treating in the rain.  I think she only lasted a couple houses.

Allie loved my Mom {she must know we're related}.  She sat on the couch and played with her, Sophia and Becca for hours.

Wolverine watching the Utah football game.

The Wright Family should have received a costume award along with Clint.  Magnum PI and Katniss.  Plus, the pink cowgirl from Wyoming.  Is that really a costume or just everyday wear?  We also loved the little Yoda and classic Spiderman.

Grandma Ann and Brice

Here are most of the kids {where's kyle} in their cute and scary costumes!

My kids are already talking about what they're going to be next year...

Happy Halloween!


Reeses Pieces said...

Ha I love Wolverine and Magnum. Definitely creative!!

Erika said...

Pretty sure I just had to do a double track back to see J-Dub... I could have sworn it was Uncle Les!!! Wow.