Here you go, Mom.  Here are the only pictures we took on 10-10-10.  We were driving home from dinner at Tim's parents house and my Mom called {almost beside herself}, "Have you taken your 10-10-10 picture yet?" 

"No, but we'll do it right now!"

...and we did!

p.s.  My Mom is a Math teacher.  She loves numbers.  She's obsessed with things like this.  We love her anyway!


Jennifer said...

Why does your family look so good in the car? We didn't look nearly this attractive on 10-10-10.

Patty said...

Thanks Britt, the CAR picture is PERFECT for your family! Seems to be a second home for YOU! Think about how life has changed from TEN years ago, in the year 2000! Or 09-09-99 OR when you were married 1996?