chef parker

Need an assistant?  Too bad...he's not for sale.  Parker is the best helper in the kitchen.  He absolutely loves cooking and is always begging to help me.  Morning.  Afternoon.  Evening.  Really, every time I'm in the kitchen he wants to be scooping, measuring, stirring, cracking, mixing or anything I'll let him do.

I love to cook so naturally, as a Mom of all boys, I worried that I would never have anyone to cook with me or to pass on my mediocre skills to, but Parker is a dream come true.  It's fun working with him in the kitchen and he's getting pretty good at cooking.

He can cook Ramen noodles all by himself.  Keep in mind he's only five.  I'm so proud, but I do hope his cooking repertoire gets a little better as he gets older.


Andi said...

So cute!! You have more patience than me!! I only let the kids help with cookies...I will have to send them to your house to learn how to cook!! Way to go Chef Parker! Actually Ashton will make his own lunch for school!! Not really cooking though.

Patty said...

I will second this - he cooks his own Ramen Noodles at our house and for his brothers, too! Good Job PARKER!