another day in the life of parker...

You all know how excited we were after Parker's last appointment with his Endocrinologist.  However, a few days later we got a letter from her stating that Parker needed to have another MRI.  After reviewing his case she was still concerned about the nodule on his pituitary.  The radiologist who originally did the MRI believed that this nodule is Parker's pituitary stalk that bunched up after being disconnected from the pituitary.  However, our endocrinologist was not convinced.  She believed it could be a tumor.  She requested a repeat MRI to make sure that the nodule had not changed at all.  So, Tim and I got to spend another morning at the hospital with Parker.  It was amazing what an old pro he was.  He fasted all morning with minimal complaints.  He walked straight to the video games in the waiting room.  He hopped on the scale, he held his arm out for the blood pressure cuff and sat on my lap when it was time to be poked.  The nurses were so impressed with how brave he was.

Parker was trying so hard to be brave, but he let a few tears slip out after they got him up on this bed.  He was scared.  The MRI machine is really noisy, the room is cold and seeing the big huge machine behind him was a little intimidating.  It was so hard to watch him like this, but the medicine kicked in quickly and he was off to dreamland.   

Tim took this picture of the computer screen while they were wheeling him into the machine...yuck!

He made it out unscathed!  They tried to wake him up immediately after by giving him a popsicle, but he managed to sleep while eating the popsicle.  Poor groggy boy! 

Prior to the procedure Parker requested McDonald's.  After we finished, we asked him if he still wanted to go and he mumbled, "Can I get a toy?"  We assumed that meant, "Yes."  I had to prop him up to eat his food.  He kept falling asleep and dropping his chicken nuggets.  The nurses told us to try and wake him up or else he would sleep all day and night.  I promise we weren't trying to torture him, but it certainly looks that way.  On the way home, we picked up Cooper at Jaimy's and offered to take Kyle to the bus stop.  Kyle was a little nervous about Parker's condition.  We tried to make him feel better by taking a picture.  Parker thinks this picture is so funny now!

As soon as we got home, Parker did wake up and ask for the rest of his chicken nuggets.  I informed him that they were on the ground at McDonald's.  He settled for some toast and enjoyed watching Toy Story 3 all afternoon with his Mom.  We are so proud of how brave this little guy is.  It's amazing how much he's changed since his last MRI 6 months ago.  I can't believe how different he looks!


Becca said...

It's probably not a good thing that I find those pictures so amusing. What a cute kid.

Reeses Pieces said...

Poor little guy. I've had an MRI and it was so hard. I can't imagine how hard it would be for a little guy. Sure hope you guys get some "good" answers soon. Thinking of you and your little one!

Us said...

That last picture is so funny! but seriously I hate that sedation part, it makes me so nervous and your kid just isn't your kid you know. Hopefully sooner than later they will let him do it awake. Em