soccer, soccer and more soccer

We had our last soccer game for the fall season and we were all celebrating!  Don't get me wrong, we LOVE soccer at our house, but between 4 games every Saturday, it was a lot to juggle.  Not to mention 4 practices a week.  It was a relief to get a little break for the winter.  Here's the breakdown of our soccer teams:

Payton played competition soccer and had so much fun.

He worked so hard out on the field.  We are so proud of his hard work!

Parker played soccer with his same coach and best buddy again this year.  He had a lot of fun and usually worked hard! 

Tim ended up coaching a team that none of his children were on.   Plus, he played on his own soccer team.

We had a busy fall, but it's worth it to keep my boys happy.  Also, I really love watching all of them play!  What am I going to do when Cooper wants to start playing?  Oh boys!

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