if you give a pig a pancake

Are you familiar with these children books?  They are pretty funny and hit much too close to home for me.  You see, I feel this way ALL.  THE.  TIME.  Here is my version of the story:


If you give Brittany an hour to herself.  She'll probably think of 20 things that she can cram into that hour.  She'll remember that her phone is broken so she'll stop by the store to have it fixed.  While at the phone store, she'll remember that she is close to one of her favorite stores.  She'll have to stop by and look around.  Then she'll remember that Christmas is coming and she needs to buy gifts.  She'll load her cart with Christmas gifts.  Then she'll see a pillow that reminds her she wants to redecorate her bedroom.  She'll buy the pillow.

On the way home, she'll see another store she remembers she needs to visit because they have things that would help her redecorate her bedroom.  She'll stop inside and find the perfect quilt and rug.  While she's there, she'll see a shelf that reminds her how bad she's wanted a new shelf for her kitchen.  She'll buy the shelf.  She'll bring all her new items home.  She'll hang up the shelf in her kitchen.  Then she'll remember she really needs some new bowls and cups.

She'll go to the store and buy some more bowls and cups.  While at the store, she'll remember that she really needs some new boots for the winter.  She'll take the new boots home and put them in her closet.  She'll remember that she bought a new quilt and rug for her bedroom.  She'll put them in her room.  Then she'll remember that she really wanted to repaint her bedroom.  She'll go to the store and get paint swatches.  She'll hang them all over the room and try to decide on a color.  Her husband will return from his business trip and she'll tell him everything she's done.  He'll think she's gone crazy.  She'll feel a little crazy and be reminded that all she would like is an hour to herself!

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who does this?  Also, please tell me there's a cure?

p.s.  This is a true story. 

p.p.s.  I'm painting my room gray.  Tim talked me into waiting until after Christmas when he has the week off {I'm thinking this weekend sounds better}.


Jaimy said...

this is hilarious because i had a front row seat to it. it was all worth it, though, because now you have a cute new room for the holidays. like you said, one for you-one for me!

Andi said...

Maybe if there were stores by me and I wasn't so much like my dad when it came to spending money I would be just like that, but I am not...sorry! But I am sure that there are many out there just like you. I do stay busy at home, but I don't usually make it out to go shopping or get an hour to myself to think of all the things that I could do!! The cure...move to a small town!! Can't wait to see your new paint in your bedroom!

Angie Miller said...

An hour to myself? Shoot, I'd go to sleep. Mmmmm ... sleep. I remember that stuff was great from before I had kids.

Love gray. Super cute.

Melissa said...

that totally sounds like you and thats one reason I love you. I tried to paint my house gray, it turned out looking cream-ish. I hope you have better luck. I want to see your new room

Us said...

I am not like that, but don't worry I know plenty of people that are. Actually sometimes I think I am the crazy one because I won't buy anything until after thinking about it forever and ever. It is rather annoying. However we just painted Ethan's room red and now you are getting rid of your red. funny! You'll have to post the gray! Em

Lis said...

Love the idea of grey! I am considering that for the basement. Tricky to pick just the right 'feel' but anything is better than ANGRY, right?! :) Can't wait to see all the fun changes...and the boots.

Erika said...


Brianne & Jarod said...

If I am not sleeping...I am definitely doing something very similiar!