wax museum

Payton just completed a really fun assignment at school.  The Third Graders did, "Famous People" reports.  Each child chose a famous person such as; Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Pocahontas, Abraham Lincoln and... Michael Jordan.  I know, it's a huge shock that Payton would chose a sports figure as his famous person!  They worked on this assignment for weeks.  They had to read a biography, write a written report, do an oral report and prepare this tri-fold poster.  Payton was obsessed with this project.  He was talking about it from the minute he woke up in the morning until he went to bed at night.  After the reports were finished the Third Graders did a Wax Museum.  They dressed up as the famous person and had to stand in pose while the parents walked around and observed all their hard work.  We concluded that Payton will not be an actor!  We also concluded that he must think Michael Jordan sat on the bench a lot since this was Payton's only pose... 

Seriously though, assignments like this one, make me appreciate school and amazing teachers.  Payton keeps telling us things like, "Did you know that Leonardo DaVinci never ate meat?"  To which we replied, "Oh, he was a vegetarian, huh?"  Payton quickly responded, "No, he was a famous artist!"

We love all that he learned from this project and the many conversations that it's provided within our home!  I love to see my children enjoy learning.


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Patty said...

Great job Payton! I'm glad your mom posts it for us all to see! He is BRILLIANT!