what did you do for christmas vacation?

The boys and I had lots of fun with all our family in town...

while Tim, Jdub, Eric, Kent & Brady framed our basement!

Here are the weirdos handymen staging a picture in the boys room/closet.  Unfortunately, the handiest man of all (Brady) wasn't there while we took a picture, but I'm sure we'll have plenty more opportunities to snap a shot of him as he's helping throughout the entire process. 

In spite of these pictures, I'm very proud!

We decided to finish our basement, we got some bids, but Tim chose (through encouragement from his buddy Shane) to tackle the framing himself.  Obviously, he knew he would have help from his brothers and Dad.  He's lucky to have some serious expertise and tools within his family and friends.  These boys whipped out the framing of our basement in just a few days.  Tim may be turning into a handyman himself.

Hallway to the Family Room/Game Room
Hallway/Linen Closet/Boys Bedroom
Boys Bedroom Closet
Utility Room
Family Room/Game Room
Next steps...hvac, central vac, insulation and electrical all before the nastiest project of all...sheet rocking!  Tim's got this bug now and is interested in doing some more of this himself.  Wish us luck.


Patty said...


Patty said...

I mean,the work and construction, not the pictures are COOL!

Us said...

I am so excited for you guys. I can honestly say it was fun finishing off our basement. We are thinking of doing the next half, next winter. So fun. Emilee

Anonymous said...

Wow, your husband is sooo super talented!! I wish I had his talents. What I guy! You are soooo lucky to have a man like that. Enjoy him...I know I would.

{Brittany} said...

Anonymous...you forgot humble! My husband is also very humble :)

Petra said...

So exciting. I cant wait to see how you decorate. Keep the updates..it is fun to see it come together step by step.

Jennifer said...

If your husband is anything like mine when it comes to home improvement projects, I wish you ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD.

And, um, isn't this an LDS blog? I would be totally offended by your hubbies pictures if I wasn't laughing so hard right now. Good to know that boys will always be boys...