note to self

My friend, Dani, gave me this wonderful idea.  She did this last year and said that it made a huge difference in her Christmas this year.  I think this will be one of my new post-Christmas traditions.  You can see my other post-holiday traditions here.


Anonymous said...

Darling! Darling. Here I make lame little notes on my excel spreadsheet and you do this - so typical. You give charm to even the most simple thing. Love it!

Marie said...

What a great idea! Your article in the Deseret News was also, once again, excellent. We don't actually take our tree down until New Year's Day so we can enjoy the holiday season as long as possible. It also helps that we go out for New Year's and don't have to worry about a party.

Patty said...

Brilliant! Keep up the good writing and great thoughts!