christmas day

It was another wonderful Christmas Day...how could it not be, right?  Santa visited our house once again and the kids were in heaven.  Our Christmas routine, as most of you know, is packed with fun during the wee hours of the morning.  This year was no exception.  However, it was the first year that our kids actually woke us up instead of us having to wake them up. 

{6:00 am Payton came in to tell us that Santa had come!}

Cooper was still a little sleepy because we had to wake him up.  He wasn't very happy about posing with his Jazz Jersey on.  He wanted to be playing with his new toys!
{7:30 am Bergstrom's Home}
Krista & Willis in matching PJ's
Mrs. Sophia still half asleep
Harper opening gifts and wondering what is going on?
The boys so excited about their new Build-a-Bears!
The beautiful chaos...isn't it wonderful?
{9:00 am Grandma Chesnut's Home}

After we open presents, Grandma treats us to her traditional biscuits & gravy breakfast.  It's everyone's favorite Christmas Tradition.

{10:30 am Jones's Home}
 By this point in the day we are all exhausted and ready for a nap.  It seems that every single year I forget to take pictures at Jones's.  Jenny?  Kent?  I need some pics!  I do have this picture to prove that we were there.  Kent & Ann gave us an Xbox Kinect for Christmas.  As soon as we returned home that evening (8:00 pm) the boys had this hooked up and were busy playing.

After opening presents at Jones's we hung out there all afternoon.  The kids played with all their new toys and had fun with cousins.  We vegged out on the couch and played some games.  We then went back to my Grandma's home for her traditional Christmas dinner.  We finally arrived home late in the evening.  I love to help my boys lay out all their new items and see the joy in their faces as they realize they truly hit the jackpot! 

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, too!


The Jones' said...

either Parker is finally growing.. or his HALLOWEEN jammies are actually Coopers.
LOL.... I love your boys!

Patty said...

Oh so BUSY, but Oh so FUN! Luv the pics with the Boys and their Toys and the Build-A-Bears!