our (not so) little bergstrom family

Erika, Brian & Harper were in town for the holidays. They live in Fort Collins, Colorado. We only get to see them a couple times a year so we always have to soak up as much of them as we can when they come. The day after Christmas we had dinner and a little party at our home.  It's crazy how fast our family has grown in the past year.  We've added three new members...Willis, Sophia & Harper.  I'm sure it will only continue to get bigger and crazier and more fun!  My family endured sitting around the table and playing my conversation card games.  After my silly games everyone really wanted to get the party started. 

This pretty much sums up the night.  With everyone having an Ipad or an Iphone there were lots of Reckless Racing games and Scrabble going on.  We call it family interaction!  Is that wrong?

Those not playing with the Ipads and Iphones were playing on the Kinect.

My Mom is still a great cheerleader.  She sat and watched these boys forever and genuinely acts interested!

Grandpa is the best babysitter.  As you can tell, all the grand kids flock to him.  They all need to be bouncing on him, jumping off of him or sitting on his lap.  They can't get enough.  They LOVE their Grandma too, but Grandpa has some magical spell over them. 

I love my family!  It's so fun to watch everyone grow up, change and flourish.  Everyone is doing so well.  We are all happy and healthy!  Here's hoping that 2011 brings the same blessings to our family as this past year has brought.


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of all the iPads. Classic!

Amanda said...

How fun that you got to host this at your house. We had my family party at my house too. My kids love the family overload during the holidays.

That Dani is one smart cookie- I am definitely going to try that this year.

Patty said...

We LOVE our family! Thanks for hosting a great party - GREAT PICTURES!