summer fun

This summer has been a whirlwind of too much fun to count. We finished the basement, switched bedrooms and have been working on countless house/nesting projects. My sister, Erika, her husband, Brian and little girl Harper have been in town all summer (Brian did have to leave early to go back home and work!) We have spent so much time with my family. Hanging out in my parents newly remodeled kitchen. We've been at their house at least once a week all summer (since that's how often I've had my doctor appointments). We've spent a ton of time at Clint & Becca's pool. My boys love playing with their cousins Harper and Sophia. We've also had tons of play dates with friends. Payton and Parker have both been playing soccer all summer so we've had two nights a week of soccer, soccer and more soccer! We've enjoyed parades, the fair, fireworks and all the other fun stuff that summer time brings. Although, I've had to take it easy for a lot of the summer, we still managed to fit in too much fun!

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