last weekend of summer

We tried to soak up the last bits of summer as much as we could this past weekend.  Parker was the lucky one who got to go to the infamous Jones Family Reunion with his Grandpa & Grandma.  We (especially Cooper) were so sad to see him leave for the weekend, but he had so. much. fun for 4 days without us.   

While Parker was away, we celebrated Tim's Birthday and watched Payton play in a soccer tournament.  On Thursday night (Tim's Birthday), all of my family drove up to Layton and we ate dinner at, The Rooster, then we all watched Payton play his first game of the tournament.  Their team did awesome and they won!  It was so nice of all my family to come celebrate with Tim and support Payton.  Friday morning we headed back up to Layton for another game.  They lost their second game, but it was so close and such a good game.  We decided to stay the night in Layton (since there was another game the next day and Tim has plenty of free hotel stays).  We checked in to our hotel and relaxed for a bit and then headed over to see Harry Potter.  After the movie, we went back to the hotel and the boys swam.  When they got sick of that we left and went out to dinner.  Then headed back to our room to get some rest!

We obviously had fun playing with the instagram app on my phone.  On Friday morning we grabbed some breakfast at our hotel then went to watch the "red" team play.  The lost, bummer!  We went back to the hotel and packed up then headed to Payton's game.  They also lost and it was also a bummer, but they played one of the best teams in the state and they did a great job at the tournament.  We were so proud of Payton and we had a great time!  That night Tim & Payton went to the REAL game and Payton got to walk out onto the field with his team before the game.  Here they are all in the tunnel chatting before they walked out.  (Another crappy phone picture, sorry.) 

It was a fabulous summer and fabulous weekend to top it all off, now...Back to School!!

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