two months

This past month with Crew brought about many "ups" and "downs." One of the "ups" is that Crew's brothers still can't get enough of him.  He always has someone to snuggle with, talk to or attend to his every possible need.

Another one of the "ups" this month, was getting to be with this guy all day long.  I never want to put him down.  I absolutely can't get enough of him. 

One of the "downs" was that just when I thought I was getting life figured out, I got very sick. I had a bad case of Mastitis, which induced a seriously high fever and had me down in bed for a couple days.  It. was. awful.  This spiraled into a million drugs for Crew and I.  It also brought about some other issues that we've had to spend so much time dealing with. At Crew's 2-month appointment he only weighed 9 lbs 6 oz.  He was gaining weight, but very slowly. He had still been so sleepy and I was constantly having to wake him up to feed him. My doctor felt that I needed to introduce some formula to give him more calories. This was hard for me, but necessary.

Another one of the "ups" was hanging out with Mack.  Aren't these two the cutest? 

After introducing some calories, this little guy decided to start gaining some weight.  As you can see, he started getting a little more chunky.  Another "up" for the month!  Or maybe that's a "down"...I kind of don't want him to grow at all.

Another "up" and "down" is that Crew loves to be held all day long (probably my fault) so if I ever want to get anything done while he's awake, it has to be done with the Baby Bjorn.  Love this thing.  {no babies were hurt or ever burned while attempting to do my hair or make dinner over a hot stove.}

Another "down" of this month was that Payton and Parker were back in school so Cooper got neglected quite a bit.  After feeding Crew one afternoon, this is how I found Cooper...

The most exciting "up" of the month was that Crew started smiling.  The day after his baby blessing he started grinning from ear to ear and hasn't stopped.  His little smile and fuzzy head of hair just melts our hearts!

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