Payton, Payton, Payton...this kid is turning into a little wild one.  He's always been our sweetheart.  He is super responsible, smart, kind and loves to be silly.  Lately, his silliness is peeking to an all time obnoxiousness.  Maybe because he's getting older?!  I don't know, but we love him anyway. 

This year in school they are working on many exciting things.  Mostly exciting for me because I remember doing them myself in fourth grade.  Payton just finished his county float project.  He was so excited because his teacher chose him to pick first, which county he would like to report on.  He quickly snagged, "Salt Lake County" because he knew it would be the "easiest."  That's our Payton!  He is smart, but sometimes too smart for his britches.  He loves to take the easiest, shortest route to do anything.  This guy is learning young how to cut corners and make it through life with the least amount of work.  They also did a spelling bee this year.  He told his teacher he didn't want to participate because he was afraid he would win and make it to the school bee.  I made him participate and luckily for him {pretty sure he did it on purpose} he came in safely at 4th place.  Only the top 2 got to move onto the school bee. 

A couple weeks ago, Payton came to Tim and told him he wanted a Mohawk.  Tim jumped all over it and immediately grabbed the clippers.  Payton is fairly reserved with his clothing and hygiene.  Just like he doesn't want to stand out in school, he definitely doesn't want to stand out anywhere else either.  He prides himself on blending in.  I was running to drop something off at a friend's house and Tim joked that it would be done before I got back.  I wasn't worried at all because I knew my sweet little Payton would never go through with it.  Much to my surprise, he did!  Not only did he go through with it, but he loved it.  He was so excited to show off his new do at school the next day.  He has loved the attention.  It actually does little pretty cute on him.  Even his Grandma Carver says she loves it!

This child of mine is changing and growing up faster than I am prepared to handle.  I pray everyday that I will help nurture him into the person he is supposed to become.  I pray everyday that I will know how to help him grow into a sweet young man.  Right now, I just pray that I can endure this obnoxious, transitional, pre-teen phase he is going through!

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Patty said...

Payton is COOL, so is his SLCounty project, so is his mohawk! He is a very GOOD boy!