gobble gobble

We had the most fabulous Thanksgiving day.  It was perfect.  I loved hosting and cooking my very first Thanksgiving turkey.  It did not feel like a lot of work at all, of course, I love entertaining, cooking and baking.  This is my new favorite holiday!  We loved having some of my family join us.  Becca, Clint, Sophia, Krista and Willis were our guests.  My parents went to Denver to be with my sister, Erika, and her family.  Tim's parents were in Cancun, Mexico enjoying the beach.  We were on our own this year.  It was easy going, simple and yummy.  We spent the day watching football and preparing the food.  Becca made a lot of the food and Krista pitched in a dessert.  We ate lunch around 2:30 pm and then spent the rest of the day watching more football and movies. 

We have so much to be thankful for.  Our family wrote all the things we were thankful for on circles we punched out.  I then had my friend, Jaimy, sew them together for me.  We strung them from the ceiling as a little Thanksgiving decoration.  {pictured in the top picture above}.  I loved spending the month reflecting on our many blessings...Happy Thanksgiving! 

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