three months

Pretty sure this little chunky monkey gained 5 pounds in ONE month.  That's crazy isn't it?  We didn't have a doctor's appointment this month (thank goodness), but doing our own weigh in at home he was weighing in around 14 pounds.  Oh my goodness!  It's so obvious to us that our little man is chunking up just like his older brothers.  I have seriously chubby babies.  I love the thunder thighs and pinchable cheeks.  Yummy!  Crew has been an angel this past month.  Some of the most notable things is his jabbering.  He loves to talk.  He has so much on his mind.  We have so much fun ah-gooing with him and making him smile.  He has become the most fun, easy going, laid back baby.  He's a great sleeper and now sleeps through the night.  We moved him from his bassinet to his crib.  It was a sad night for me, but I knew it was necessary.  He was starting to wiggle a little too much and I would constantly find him trying to eat the side of the bassinet when he woke up in the morning.  He has slept much better in his crib and I'm doing okay with it now.  I have the best little helpers in the whole wide world.  My boys are the best big brothers and Crew is an amazing little guy that fits right in!

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