crew's first birthday

Where did the past year go?  How is my baby already one?  It seems like just yesterday he was born.  I'm not going to use any of those ridiculous cliches about how my baby has grown up so fast, but seriously?!?!!  Today we celebrated this sweet baby's birthday and all I felt was love, gratitude and happiness (plus a little exhaustion from staying up way too late the night before).  So much nostalgia, so much reflection and so much fun with family!

No, I didn't make a mistake with the candles.  We also celebrated my nephew Corbin's birthday tonight too.

Yes, I take pictures of the paper products.  They make me happy!

Crew had a fun night, I think.  He enjoyed his new toys and had lots and lots and lots of little hands helping unwrap.  Our home was filled with craziness in honor of Crew's big day.  We were left with a mess and lots of cleaning up, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love the noise.  I love the people.  I love looking at these pictures of our home overflowing with people we love.

Yes, I'm feeling extremely nostalgic and grateful.  I love family.  I love my family.  I love our friends who have become family.  We have such an awesome support system.  While family is usually chaotic and sometimes difficult to deal with, they truly are the greatest joy in our lives.  I love that they are also the greatest joy in my children's lives as well.  

Crew took some time playing around with the frosting on his cake.  He seemed to think it was a toy and not a food.  Until I started feeding him and then he couldn't get enough.  He shoveled the cake in his mouth and all over himself until he was full.  Then he threw my ceramic plate on the floor.  It only chipped a little, which secretly made me smile.  Yes, a piece of history in the making.  I pictured myself going to use the plate in a year or so and remembering the origin of the chip.  Instead of being mad I would be so happy and continue to use my plate with pride!  Seriously, what is wrong with me?  I'm an emotional wreck.  What will I do when this boy goes to preschool, elementary or even worse leaves the house?  Every day this child is a reminder of the amazing chapter in my life that will be closing before I know it.  I love that he (along with his brothers) are helping me enjoy this crazy journey.  I hope he forgives me later on for indulging myself at every single milestone he has.  Poor kid, Happy Birthday Crew!  

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