finding comfort

Today we received the news that my Uncle Steven passed away.  Sad.  Tragic.  Still in shock.  This is my Dad's second to youngest brother.  I haven't seen him in a few years and he's definitely the Uncle that I've seen the least throughout my life, but I loved him nonetheless for it.  I have so many fond memories of him.  He was so funny.  Always the life of the party and making everyone laugh.  He loved little kids.  I remember he was always hanging out with the grand kids and spending time with us while he still lived at home.  I remember his little bedroom in the "office" under the stairs.  I remember his pictures with Senator Orrin Hatch hanging proudly in my grandparents home.  I remember that he loved his evil cat that hated everyone but him and my Grandma.  I remember how much my Grandma loved him.  Everyone knew that Steven was her "favorite."  My Grandma, like all Mothers do, had such a tender spot in her heart for this boy who gave her a heck of a time.  He never did things the easy way and definitely was the cause of many sleepless nights for my Grandparents, but oh how they loved him! 
This is my Dad (the Tall, Handsome one in the middle) and his siblings. Isn't this the best picture ever?  Love.  Love.  Love this.  I know that these siblings and, especially my Grandpa, are suffering deeply right now. They have already had to bury their Brother Ronald (the one with the sweet mustache) and their Mother.  I don't have any words of comfort.  I've never lost a brother.  Maybe their Mother can send some comforting words their way.
I  was given the most precious treasure for my 8th Birthday from my Grandma.  I think she actually finished it when I was about 10, but since her passing it has become one of the greatest treasures in my life.  Lately, my boys and I have been reading this book at bedtime.  They absolutely love to hear the stories she's written about their Grandpa (my Dad and her son) and Me.  In trying to find some comfort today, I turned to this special book.

Here is an excerpt from her book.  I thought you'd all love to see her beautiful handwriting!

I know that her "Plans for the Future" have been carried on, not in this life, but the next.  I know that she has obviously been working hard on the other side.  I'm sure my Uncle Steven was so anxious to be in the "place of security and refuge from the storms of life" with his Mother.  I feel her presence so strong with me today.  I feel her giving me comfort and saying, "let everyone know it's okay.  I'm working hard on our eternal home here in heaven."  I know my Dad, his siblings and parents will be reunited together again someday. 


Kevin Bergstrom said...

Wow Brittany, thanks, that was beautiful! Thanks for the pictures and the excerpts from your special book! I miss Steven and Ige snd Ronald and Jskey but I'm so glad for Heavenly Father's plan that we can all be together again.

Kevin Bergstrom said...

That was me, your mother. Sorry, Kev logged into my computer!

Amanda said...

I am so sorry about your uncle. That is such sad news. What a treasure that book must be to you. It's so awesome that it's written in her handwriting. What a happy reunion they must have had. This life is so precious.

Jennifer said...

Brittany, what a beautiful post. What a priceless treasure you have in that book! Really, really special. I am sorry for your family's loss. This post was a lovely tribute to your uncle. Thanks for sharing.