utah vs. byu

Last year I didn't make it to one Utah Football Game because I am a complete home body when I have a newborn.  This year everyone is shocked that I'm acting like my season ticket is actually MINE.  Yes, the ticket is mine!  I had to fight Payton for it for two weeks straight.  In the end, Mom always wins.  I'm so glad I fought for that ticket.  It was an awesome game.  We had dinner and carpooled with our friends, the Cleggs, who also have season tickets a couple sections over from us.  I loved the excitement at the stadium.  Tim was hoarse before the game even started! 

Matt Halvorsen & Clint (my brother).  Becca had her baby just 3 days before this game so Clint got to bring one of his boyfriends instead!  Matt was good entertainment...

Just like our other Matt.  What a goof!  It's a good thing Kara is so cute.

Just to prove that we weren't one of the fans rushing the field after.  See, we're way up here!!  Sheesh that was a crazy ending.

Cooper's been suiting up in this football gear for days.  He loves that he looks just like a real football player.  He also told me today, that his friend Porter (who's Dad is an avid BYU fan...the same one who spray painted our lawn last year) can cheer for Utah when his Dad isn't home.  Too funny!

Go Utes...

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