crew update

I took Crew in for his one year check up (only a month late).  He's my fourth child, what do you expect?  Anyway...he's still looking great and doing well.  He weighed in at 21 lbs which puts him in the 25th percentile for weight and he is 30 inches long which puts him in the 55th percentile for height.  Dr. says it sounds like he does have "reactive airway" (blah, hate that term) so we need to give him the inhaler when necessary.  We gave him a breathing treatment already and it worked great.  I hate it when the Doctor is right!  Here are some fun "shots" (no pun intended) I got of Crew while we sat patiently waiting.

All I have to say is, "Where is Crew?" and he puts the blanket over his head and begins playing peek-a-boo with me.  Too cute.

Check out this smile.  It was cracking me up.  Every time I pointed the camera at him, he would do this silly grin.  What a silly boy.  As Tim would say, a "fish head."  Not sure what that means, but I can just hear Tim saying, "What a fish head!"

Another silly grin...seriously, this is his version of "cheese!"  Look at those two front teeth.  He has 7 teeth now and 2 more molars making their way in right now.  My other boys never had this many teeth so early.

Caught him with his eyes open because he was snacking.  He really does have the prettiest blue eyes.  And, he really does constantly make the silliest faces!  Love those little fingers too.  I want to snack on them.  And that blond hair...where does it come from?

Crew is ALL OVER the place.  He goes up and down our stairs all day long.  He does really well with them and (so far) has never fallen.  He was kicked down the stairs one time and was totally fine, so that's good news.  He gets into every single drawer and isn't content until every item is cleared out of the drawer.  I'm sure he knows how much I love to organize so he thinks he's doing me a favor.  I do get the chance to reorganize most of our house daily.  Thanks for that, Crew!    

Here's one more of his silly smile face.  Too funny!  I love that Crew is understanding us.  He loves to shake his head "no" or "yes" and he definitely knows what he wants.  He's getting an awesome high pitched scream just like his older brother, Parker.  He says, "mama" and "dada" sometimes, but mostly just babbles a lot.  He does say "oh" a lot or "uh-oh."  He gets very excited and hits whatever he is excited about...many times it's another little human.  We've got to figure that one out.  He also loves to clap.   He loves to dance to music.  He loves the water and splashes like crazy in the bathtub or swimming pool.  He also loves taking a shower and letting the water run all over him.  He loves cars and will make car sounds while driving the car around.  He is at such a fun and crazy stage.  We love our little, Crewser, Crew!


Anonymous said...

I love our kids! Too cute. Keep them safe while I am gone. I will get home as soon as I can!

Jennifer said...

Brittany, he is gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous, and you are right about the beautiful blue eyes. I love the photo of the two of you together--it's obvious why he's so gorgeous! Congrats on yet another darling boy. :)