hawaii - day six

Going to the Kona Temple was a highlight of this trip for me.  It's always a joy to go to the temple, but something about being on this gorgeous island, enjoying myself so much, having my incredible husband and good friends with me just made this place feel like heaven on earth.  It was also fun to meet some fellow Utahns as we left the session and see someone that we had met at church a couple days before. 

After the Temple session we were on the search for Donkey Balls.  It does seem inappropriate especially after leaving such a holy place, but our pseudo guides, the Hatches, told us that these Donkey Balls were delicious so we had to give them a try.  We ended up going the wrong direction on the highway and ended up at this fabulous little cafe.  Oh how I love serendipitous moments like this.  Happy little accidents are my favorite.  This was definitely one of those moments.  This place was gorgeous.  The food was delicious.  AND we had the kindest, sweetest server ever.  He even invited us to his house whenever we're in town.  He was curious why we were dressed up and wanted to know where our church was.  He had been on a few service missions and been reading some books about Christianity.  He was interested in checking our church out sometime.  We left him with the information and we all had a secret little prayer in our hearts that he really will check it out.  He seemed to have a very ripe spirit and a thirst for knowledge that was enviable. 

This place just made you want to smooch the person next to you.  It's a good thing these two are married :)

I made Tim take this cheesy picture because I didn't want to forget the name of this place.  If you're ever in Kailua Kona you must check out Holuakoa Cafe.  It was divine!

After our detour, we did end up finding the Donkey Balls store.  We were able to sample a bunch of Donkey Balls and they were delicious (despite the hideous name).  After another stop at Target and Costco, we arrived back at our resort and the boys hit the basketball court once again.  It was a must to sit by the pool in the evening and watch the sunset.  The water in the evenings was remarkably bearable, which was shocking to me.  We swam well into the evening without getting too cold.  I was always quick to hit the hot tub after I got out of the pool though.

We cleaned ourselves up, just a tad.  It's probably obvious that we didn't spend too much time on our hair or makeup this week.  Tim and I along with the Romans went to the Lava Lava Beach Club for dinner.  Josh and Annie were too depressed (because of the extremely disappointing election results and the bleak outlook of the next four years ), but we had to get away from the news reports and drown our sorrows in food.  It was a very disappointing night for us personally, especially with the entire restaurant clapping and cheering because Obama won.  But, we were in Hawaii and determined to make the most of it!  The Lava Lava Beach Club was really cool.  The stars were AMAZING.  (Seriously, Josh.  They were.)  The atmosphere was gorgeous.  If I went again I would make sure to hit this place before sunset.  Melissa was trying to teach me how to pose.  Her and Jordan are professionals.  This was my third attempt and I still look creepy.  Sorry, Lis.  Better luck next time!    

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