hawaii - day five

This morning we went to the pool and hung out for a bit. Then we got ready for the day and went our separate ways. The boys went golfing.  This picture is the best!  Jordan is so awesome at posing and he's also great at taking a joke. This was a pretty candid shot. I was trying to get all the boys to pose for a picture in front of the clubhouse. True to form, Jordan was the only gracious boy and so nicely waited for the other boys to come. He definitely wasn't being serious here, but he was willing to take a picture. Little did he know, that they were behind him mocking him as they ran into the clubhouse.  Needless to say, this was the only shot I got. 

Thank goodness the boys were able to get some pictures while they were out golfing.

Meanwhile, us girls went shopping.  We hit the Kings & Queens Marketplace.  It was fun to browse Coach and try on some rings at Tiffany's.  I found my 15 year anniversary present, Tim?!  It's gorgeous and not too expensive.  We made a few purchases and then headed back to our resort pool to relax and get some sun! 

Isn't this baby girl adorable?  She really made me think I need a baby girl smile.  Those eyes and that smile are just adorable.

We enjoyed another amazing sunset.   If it's not obvious, I really, really, really could not get enough of this incredible view.

After we cleaned up from the pool and golf, we headed over to the Hilton Waikoloa Village for dinner.  We enjoyed a boat ride to our restaurant, which was super fun.  It dropped us off right at the Boat Landing Cantina.  I know we look possessed, but we must have been.  My editing program would not let me fix those eyes!

The food was delicious, but the company was even better.  We had such a great time chatting the night away (once the boys got rid of that pesky umbrella in the middle).  I think Melissa is fake chatting or laughing or maybe choking?!  This picture makes me happy so I had to post it.  Every time I would try to take a candid shot somebody would always look over and try to smile. 

I loved the many conversations we had on the trip.  Adult conversation is the best.  I obviously was craving it!  Something fun that we did at dinner was Best and Worst of the day (which we actually do at home sometimes).  We were always nervous about what the "worst" would be, but usually it was just an unworthy picture posted on instagram or the lack of something we weren't able to do.  The best things were usually the simple moments that made the day great, like playing a volleyball game together or eating something yummy for lunch!  

Look, I actually got a candid shot of the group...

Something else I loved from this night was the awesome music they had playing.  They played some classic 80's hits.  It was fun to talk about our favorite music and reminisce about our youth.  Annie & Melissa were a little disappointed that I never joined in their singing duo with them.  They both have beautiful voices and one of my memories from this trip is hearing them sing.  Constantly.  It made me feel right at home.  My sister is always singing.  I guess I didn't get that gene, but I do love that those girls are never afraid to belt it out.  Even walking through a Hilton parking lot!

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