hawaii - day two

We woke up in Hawaii about 4:30 am (since it was 8:30 am Utah time) we tried to sleep, but just couldn't!  Finally at 6:30 am, Tim & I went running.  We ran down through the resort.  We stayed in Waikoloa Beach Resort which is full of a bunch of resorts.  Our resort was the Hilton Kings Land.  We ran down and immediately found the beach.  We walked along the shore and just kept pinching ourselves.  It was gorgeous and perfect.  I was just so happy to be running with my husband, which is always a special treat since we rarely have time to do that at home.

We came back to our room and had green smoothies for breakfast (thanks Hiatt's).  Then we all suited up and headed out to explore our resort.

DISCLAIMER:  There was a LOT of cheesy posing done on this trip.  Oh boy, that's all I can really say about this picture.  We spent the majority of our time at this section of pool.  We loved playing volleyball and basketball.

The pool area was dreamy and perfect.  It was never very crowded.  It felt like we had the place to ourselves some days.  As you can see from these pictures, we definitely did this day!

The Hiatt's brought their sweet baby, Hallie, along.  She really was a dream baby.  We hardly knew she was there.  It was fun to occasionally get to love on her and make her smile.  Annie & baby Hallie should really get into beach modeling!

We also had full access to the other Hilton property, which was Hilton Waikoloa Village.  This property was even more amazing than our resort.  This resort had 3 HUGE freshwater pools with gorgeous waterfalls and water slides.  I loved that the servers came around to take our "virgin" drink orders while we soaked up the sun!

This was Tim's sexy poolside posing.  Obviously it was the first day and he had yet to get rid of his farmer tan!

I could stare at this all day long!

More cheesy posing. Is it obvious that we were in heaven and just trying to soak in every single moment! 

We walked all around the resort.  We saw the dolphins they have at the resort, which you can actually pay to swim with. 

We also explored the Lagoon on the resort and Tim posed with a Sea Turtle that we saw.  Don't worry, he didn't touch it since it is against the law.  They are a protected species.

After a day soaking in the sun and exploring all that our resort had to offer, we got cleaned up and headed out to dinner at Kamuela Provision Company (KPC).  This was a gorgeous beach side restaurant with gourmet dining.  We were supposed to have an amazing view of the sunset, but we caught the last of the sun just before we got seated.  Either way, the food was delicious and the view was incredible!

While everything about where we were staying and what we were doing was picture perfect, some of the funnest memories from our trip were the little silly moments.  I absolutely loved watching how much fun these boys had together.  They kept us laughing the entire time.  They actually kept themselves laughing much more than us, but it was always entertaining.  Here they are trying to figure out how to work the DVD player.  Really?  Three guys.  Really?

Another gorgeous sunset and another amazing day in paradise...

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