hawaii - day one

After a fun night of trick or treating, Tim and I woke up the next morning and took off to Hawaii!  We had been planning this trip for awhile, which made it even more exciting!  Tim's Mom, Ann, so willingly accepted the challenge to watch our kids for the week.  We are FOREVER indebted to her (I'm sure for more reasons than just this). 

We got Payton & Parker off to school.  Dropped Cooper off at a friends house then picked up Ann.  She dropped us off at the airport.  We left her with our minivan, baby and a big "good luck" hug.  Plus a handy dandy information binder full of everything you need to keep track of four different schedules for a week.

I thought that I would be super sad to leave my boys for the week, but I wasn't!  They were so excited that Grandma was coming to stay and we were so excited to finally be going on an awesome vacation.  We met our friends Jordan & Melissa Romans at the SLC Airport.  They had flown in from Mesa, Arizona.  That's when the party started!  We didn't get to sit by them on the plane, but you can see Tim's finger pointing to Jordan back there.

Tim's travel is finally paying off for us.  We weren't upgraded to first class, but I'll take "Economy Comfort" any day.  We were on the first row and had crazy amounts of leg room.  It felt like our own private suite.  Okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but it was nice especially since it was such a long flight!

We had a lay over in LA where we ate lunch, then headed onto "the big Island."  This is what we saw for 5 hours in the air.  Water.

We arrived in Kona, Hawaii at 5:30 pm.  The airport is on an old lava field so it's not exactly beautiful beaches everywhere as you would expect, but it did not disappoint me.  This was the first picture that I took and I couldn't get enough of these gorgeous sun shots!  I loved the outdoor airport.  Everything is outdoors, which just confirmed to me that we really would be having amazing weather.

We got our luggage then made our first stop in Hawaii at Costco.  So lame, I know!  In fact, my first meal in Hawaii was a Costco Hot Dog, which is totally against my traveling policy.  BUT, we were starving and on a timeline.  I knew I'd eat enough amazing food later on to make up for it.  After Costco we loaded up our groceries and had to get back to the airport to pick up some more friends.  Josh & Annie Hiatt flew in from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It was quite fun the entire trip to tell everyone we were from 3 different states.  With all of our food and luggage our rental minivan was a little bit crowded.  Josh had to ride this way from the airport to the resort.  While Jordan was checking us in at the resort, the lady at the front desk asked if his friend was drunk.  Awesome!

We finally got into our room around 8:30 pm (which was 12:30 am Utah time).  We checked out our room and had fun catching up with each other before going to bed exhausted!

The place was beautiful, but inside our room was only the beginning.  The outside of the resort was the absolute stunning part!  We'd only been here a few hours and I was already in love...

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