my tan

 I have a tan.  The high today was 34 degrees and it hasn't stopped snowing at my house.  I'm covered head to toe in clothing, but underneath it all I'm tan.  More than my tan, I'm glowing.  I'm refreshed.  I'm on a post vacation high.  Not ready for a reality check.  Even the reality check's that have come our way since coming home can't get me down.

Piled up bills & mail.  Who cares.
TV's not working.  Big deal.
Kids whining about stuff.  Love them so much.

It seems that nothing can get me down right now.  After a full nights rest in my own bed after 8 nights away, I woke up this morning feeling like the past week was a dream.  As my kids hopped up on our bed asking for milk and breakfast I was certain last week didn't happen.  As I showered, in my very own shower, I noticed the scrapes on my leg.  Must have been from the coral reef on the ocean floor.  As the thought crossed my mind, I realized how dreamy that sounded.  I also noticed the blister on my toe.  I remembered that it was from my flippers.  Just 24 hours earlier I had been snorkeling.

Now I was in my own home, my own bed and my own shower feeling like it was all a dream.  For Tim & I it was a dream come true.  8 days away in Hawaii.  Spending time together.  Laughing with our friends.  Waking up to palm trees and perfect weather.  Going to sleep to palm trees and perfect weather.  Lots of sand, ocean, food, fun and friends in between.  All while our children were happily at home being taken care of.  Being in the middle of our child rearing years, I honestly felt like this day would never come.  It was a huge sacrifice for my Mother-in-Law who cared so well for our kids all week.  We know it's not something we get to do every day so we enjoyed every second of our time away.

It was a dream and I'm not ready to wake up.  Thank goodness I have a tan.  I hope that as it fades my memory of our Hawaiian days will not.  I took lots of pictures with "my heart."  Thanks to my cute friends suggestion.  I also took plenty of pictures with my camera.  I'll be posting those just as soon as the laundry is done!


Daily Jot & Tittle said...

What a fun trip! The photos of the resort look amazing! I can see why it was hard to come back!!

Reeses Pieces said...

So glad you had a good time. There's nothing quite like Hawaii without kids. We've done it both ways and alone was the best!!! There's something very romantic and relaxed about it all. I'm so behind on blogging but I do look still. Happy for the updates!