home sweet home

After 5 or 6 hours in the air, we had a brief layover in LA and then headed home to Salt Lake City. The red eye flight was brutal. Tim hated it much worse than I did, but neither one of us was able to sleep much. We arrived in Salt Lake to this. Ugh...

And home to this...

But it was so worth it because of this...

My older boys wouldn't take two seconds to pose for the camera.  They were so busy throwing snowballs, building forts and sledding.  They were in heaven!

I was happy to be back in my awesome neighborhood with more great friends and the gorgeous weather that Utah has to offer.  Truly, I was feeling beyond blessed and grateful today!

Tim had to catch up on some work, but we mostly soaked up every second with our kids today.  I didn't even bother unpacking until Saturday morning.  I was so happy to be with my boys.  I definitely feel so re energized.  I'm on a Hawaiian high that I'm not sure I'll come down from anytime soon. 

I love that Cooper spent the afternoon asking how to write "Hawaiian" words.  He is too cute!

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