merry christmas

One of my favorite things about Christmas time is receiving all the Christmas Cards with updates about everyone's families.  Here's a quick update on our family.

11 years old.
Sixth Grade.
LOVES soccer and is still playing on a competition team.  This past year they won the President's Cup Tournament and his team took first place in their division.
Great student.  School is easy for him.
Babysits for Dad & Mom all.  the.  time.
Ridiculously responsible.
Endures Piano.
Obsessed with all things sports.  Soccer.  Football.  Basketball.  Had fun playing fantasy football this year and likes to spend way too much money on jersey's and nike elite socks.
He is the easiest son and such a joy to have in our home.  He really steps up when Tim is out of town and takes over the "Man of the House" role very well.  Never have to ask him to do anything twice.  He is an ideal oldest child!

8 years old.
3rd Grade.
Started taking Piano and LOVES it.  His favorite thing to play is a Beethoven song his Grandpa taught.  We hear it at least 30 times a week.
Loves school.  Loves his teacher.  Loves his classmates.
An amazing big brother.  Peace maker/Fight starter of our home (depends on the hour).
Loves animals.  Does pretty good taking care of his Guinea Pig and Leapord Gecko.  Always asking to get more pets. 
Family clown.  He loves to be silly and make people laugh.
Of course, he plays soccer (a requirement in our household).
He has a heart of gold.  Always wants to be good and do good.  Very sensitive to everyone around him.  Love his creative spirit, which means he is always leaving something laying around the house, but usually that is combined with some sweet note that he has written for someone or a bracelet he made for one of his brothers.

 5 years old.
All boy.  Loves superheros.  sports.  wrestling.  weapons.  fighting.  being wild.  chaos.
Has an incredible imagination and lives in "la la land" much of the time creating amazing scenarios in his head.  Tells people he's left handed and allergic to peanut butter (both not true).
Loves school...especially that he is old enough to be in the same school as his brothers.  His favorite part is taking the bus to and from school, recess and all his new friends.
Loves playing any sport, but especially loves playing soccer with Dad as his coach.  He really turned it on this past season and left "la la land" a few times to score some goals.
Super competitive.  Always arguing with his brothers or friends about something.  If you say your Dad is 30, he says his Dad is 50!!  (Sounds bigger and better, right?!?)  That's Cooper.
At the end of the day, this all boy, boy is the biggest sweetheart.  He gives the best kisses and hugs.  He tells us over and over how much he loves us.  He really has the softest, sweetest, side that is just bursting to come out when he's not busy trying to keep up with his two older brothers and his millions of friends.

2 years old.
Mommy's sidekick.
A year ago we thought he wasn't saying enough words and now he won't ever stop talking!
Loves singing "twinkle, twinkle little star", "how much is that doggy in the window", and "follow the prophet" (which he learned in nursery at church).
Loves playing with "guys,"  obsessed with Hulk and chose to be him for Halloween.
Keeps up just fine with his 3 older brothers.  Is constantly following them around and trying to do anything they are doing.
Also obsessed with his Daddy, especially when he's working on a project around the house.  Loves to help with tools.
He is the light and joy of our family.  We love this incredible age of learning and growing.  We all want to bottle him up and keep this little guy like this forever.  He keeps us all laughing and smiling all day long!

Working hard.  Traveling lots.  Supporting our family.
Still playing soccer.
Still coaching soccer.
Still obsessed with soccer.
The best Dad that 4 boys could ever ask for.  He is constantly running around the house kicking the ball with them, shooting hoops, throwing the football, or (trying) to beat them in video game sports. It's always a party when Dad's around!
Amazing husband.  Works hard so that I can stay home with these wild boys and spend all his hard-earned money.

Me (Brittany)
Not as old as Tim.
Busy trying to keep up with all these boys.
I spend most of the time cleaning, doing laundry or shuttling the boys around.
I think my family would agree I'm a professional "nag"
Love watching my boys play soccer, piano or just play with each other.
Still love organizing.
Still love running.
Spend more time updating my instagram instead of blogging about our family, but hope to get back to updating this blog more in the next year.
Life is beautiful.  2013 was such a fun year for our family and we can't wait to see what 2014 brings!  We'd love to keep in touch with all of you and hope you're all doing well.

Much love!

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