enough IS enough

I saw this quote today:
"What we see depends mainly on what we look for."  
 -John Lubbock

It sparked something in me that has had me pondering, reading and praying all day.

I wish that more often in my life I was able to see all the good things that I am doing in my home, with my children, with my husband and for those around me, but usually I'm just seeing all of the many, MANY, many things that I'm not getting done.

Lately, (I'll blame the winter doldrums) this is what I see:

My house in not big enough, clean enough or perfect enough to raise my family in.

My body is not pretty enough, skinny enough or perfect enough to enjoy life in.

My parenting skills are not good enough, polished enough or sub par enough to even raise children.

So on and so forth...

My thoughts look pretty ridiculous in writing, but often these are the things my head (Satan) is trying to tell me!

I realized today as I read the quote by Sir Lubbock that I need to SEE the imperfect perfections that are all around me.  I need to see that I have more than enough.  I'm usually striving to make life PERFECT and that isn't going to happen.  I need to look for the beauty in my life without all the perfectness surrounding it.  Today I realized there are a couple things I must do daily to make this happen:

1.  I MUST fear God more than I fear man.  Meaning, I must not be afraid that others will look at me and judge my life by my messy house, body or parenting style.  I must care much more about leading my life in a way that is pleasing to God and not other people.

2.  I NEED personal revelation ALL.THE.TIME.  I NEED to feel close to my Heavenly Father in order to stay far away from the thoughts that Satan puts in my head.  I NEED to fill my life with good things and good people to help keep me close to my God.

3.  I WILL have more faith.  More faith in the power of revelation, more faith in prayer, more faith in myself and in others.  More faith that what I am doing truly is Heavenly Father's plan for my family and I.  More faith that I can do hard things.

As I spent the day focused on the beautiful things that happened, instead of the many, MANY, many messes and things that didn't get accomplished, I was able to see the incredible beauty that surrounds me!

I have realized that enough is actually enough!

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Annie said...

Wow if I were to compare myself to you and your clean organized skinny self then I would feel awful but that is a temporal focus so I definitely won't do that. On that note though, I have gotten to the point that if I read and pray by myself and with my family by the end of the day but I can't walk down my hallway without tripping on thousands of things I have done enough.