Is Something Really Better Than Nothing

While updating my blog recently I noticed that I had over a dozen blog posts that were unpublished, simply sitting in "draft" mode.  They were mostly pictures that I hadn't taken the time to add my commentary to.  While I had taken the time to title them and to add pictures to them, I didn't get around to putting all the final touches on them so I didn't feel like they were worthy of being published.

It got me thinking about how many things in my life are in "draft" mode simply because I don't have the ability or time to accomplish them completely; or exactly the way I feel they should be.

This made me question, "Is something really better than nothing?"

When it comes to documenting my feelings and life on this blog.  Absolutely, yes!  I would much rather have a few pictures posted with a couple of comments than nothing at all.  Something to trigger my memory.  Something for my children to look back on and remember.

When it comes to raising my children, is it better to give them 100% some of the time or 50% all of the time?  Ideally, I'd love to give my children the best part of me.  I'd love to show up and be a 100% Super Mom all of the time.  Realistically, that's not even possible.  I'm not perfect, but I can always try to show up for my kids.  I think my children are pretty happy with my mediocre job.  They don't seem to notice that I don't make gourmet dinners or Pinterest worthy crafts.  They seem to be content to just have me around.

As I go through the different facets of my life; my relationship with God, my husband, my extended family and friends, I would love to give them all the best part of me.  For now, giving all these things something of my life is better than nothing at all.  As I show up each day, little-by-little the "draft" version of my life will turn into an amazing published final version, but as any great story unfolds, I must be patient.

Here are some ideas I thought of that can help me remember how to give "something" as opposed to "nothing?"  I would propose that there are three things we can all do:

1.  Listen.  Most people around us just want to know that somebody cares.  My children don't ever want to hear what I have to say, but they always love when I will sit and listen to them.  The same goes for our husbands, friends and extended family members.  People want to be heard.

2.  Be present.  All you have to do is show up.  Be around for your children so that you can listen.  Put down your electronic devices and enjoy the things going on around you.  No need for frills or bells or whistles.  Just simply be there!  Wherever there is.

3.  Lower expectations.  We need to lower our expectations of ourselves and of others.  We need to be happy with our best effort.  Sure, setting high standards and goals is something we should do, but not with everything-all-the-time.  Let's make our expectations more reasonable.  This will lead to less disappointment and more fulfillment when the little things get accomplished.

As we do these three things, we'll notice that our first draft starts turning out pretty good, maybe our second draft will be even better.  We can continue to edit and build upon our masterpiece constantly until we are satisfied with the life we are living!


Diana said...

Brittany! I feel like you just came and shared an amazing visiting teaching message. Man I miss our spiritual conversations. You are wonderful in so many ways. I admire you greatly! Well done my good friend. Love ya tons...from down the street! ha ha ha

Annie said...

I feel like I give my leftovers to my husband and God. I quickly say a prayer as I'm falling asleep. I wind down at night by gramming and facebooking while sort of listening to my husband. I love these ideas. Thanks!