I wanted to share some of the joys of being a pet owner with you. This past week our cat Chloe’s face started swelling up and was bleeding. Disgusting, I know. We had no choice, but to take him to the vet (yes, it’s a “him” named “Chloe”, which is a story for another day). As a pet owner you know that anytime you have to take your animal to the vet it is costly. It costs $45 just to walk in the door and have the cat looked at so I was not happy that I had to do this, but I knew that I had to have Chloe looked at. I took him in and found out that his face had abscessed. They said that they would have to sedate him and cut his face open so that all of the infection could drain out. Yuck! However, all I could think about was how much is this going to cost?!? I know, I'm an awful pet owner. Luckily, the cost wasn't too bad ($160). I discovered this week that as much as we pretend to not be "animal" people or care that much about our cat...we really, really do! I should say, that "I" really do. Tim wanted to have the cat put "down." I've had to take Chloe back into the vet to get the wound reopened. I've also had to give him antibiotics twice a day and hot pack his face twice a day. Although having Chloe can be a big pain it really is worth it. I do love my cat no matter what terms I use to describe him (dumb, stupid, worthless, pain, etc.) I'm grateful to have Chloe around and happy that he is feeling better!!


The Jones' said...

I agree with Tim! It's cheaper to put the cat down!

KRiB said...

TMI on the picture